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Office in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Q:  "What does the word Ruach mean?"

A:  Ruach is a Hebrew word that describes the spirit of God. Loosely translated it means breath or spirit.  In effect, we are The House of God's Spirit.

Q:  "Who are your clients?"
A:  People just like you.  People who want the future to be better than the past.  Men, women, and teens, who just need some help to make their lives work for them.
  • Most persons seek nonjudgmental assistance, focusing entirely on secular psychotherapy, hypnosis, or grief  counseling.
  • Others seek specialized techniques (ex., hypnosis) that use spiritual language and imagery to help them connect with the Source of All Healing. 
  • Some request pastoral assistance for spiritually-based counseling, as they seek to find, identify, or heal themselves.
  • Many because they want a therapist who understands their spirituality or religion, but they do not want religiously-based counseling.

Q: "What is a fee adjustment?"
A:This means that fees for services maybe adjusted, based on a client's financial need or circumstances.  Be honest with us, and we will try to find a mutually acceptable fee.  

Q: "What is the minis
try for the dying?"
AReverend Finestone served for many years in hospice, providing end-of-life care as an interfaith chaplain and as a therapist. She leads a ministry of persons with a special calling to help the dying. 
As available, a volunteer may go to the person's home, residential facility, or hospital and offer support, counsel, or prayer; or help the person make peace with their life or imminent death; or, read from their holy book. 
This ministry brings hope and caring to the dying, whether the person is religious or nonreligious, has faith or no faith.

Office in Huntington Beach, Ca.

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