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Global headquarters in Costa Mesa, Ca.

You are not broken,
nor do you need to be fixed.  
You simply need to be uncovered
and allowed to shine.

What is The House of Ruach?

The House of Ruach is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, public charity, specifically a non-profit, interfaith service organization. Tax ID Number 26-4328617.

Mission Statement:

     The House of Ruach is an interfaith service organization committed to creating a world in which God would choose to live.  We do this through the personal ministries of volunteers, who create unique opportunities for charitable giving and service, within their sphere of influence.  

Funding Initiatives:

      Our initiatives change in response to emerging domestic and global imperatives.

      As of January 2020, our four Funding Initiatives are:

  1. Global interfaith collaboration and advancement 

  2. Global educational efforts 

  3. Incubating The Hecht Trauma Institute  

  4. Responding to, and preventing, homelessness (e.g., financial assistance for frail Holocaust survivors; cash for homeless individuals and families)

We continue to offer fee-adjusted psychotherapy.  

We do NOT seek to convert. 

As an interfaith organization, we do NOT believe there is one right religion, wisdom tradition, or spiritual path; all are valued and respected.  





Global headquarters in Costa Mesa, Ca.

(888) 990-5445

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