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Global Headquarters in Costa Mesa, Ca.

Q:  "What does the word Ruach mean?"

A:  Ruach is a Hebrew word that describes the spirit of God. Loosely translated it means breath or spirit.  In effect, we are The House of God's Spirit.

Q:  "Does the House of Ruach offer grants to nonprofit organizations?
A:   Not at this time.

Q:   How does the House of Ruach identify its funding initiatives?
A:    We determine the human needs we will address based on the matters that are brought to us by our volunteers and our Board of Directors, who regularly see need and want to address it.  We rely on our own observations of what needs to be done to make the world a place where God would want to live.  

Q:    Does the House of Ruach give grants to individuals?
A:     No.  However, the House of Ruach does give cash to homeless people on the streets, particularly during the cold, wet months of winter.  We give enough cash to eat for a few days, perhaps stay in a motel, and purchase items needed to survive.  Quite simply, we hand money to people in need, when we meet them; this is not a formal giving process, nor are the funds distributed via any organization other than the House of Ruach's volunteers.  

Q:  Does the House of Ruach pay its workers a salary?
A:  No, all workers are volunteers, who give of their time, intellect, and heart freely and without salary.  This includes the Executive Director, the General Manager, and those responsible for overseeing funding initiatives.

Q:   Does the House of Ruach pay rent for its offices?
A:   No, the House of Ruach is grateful for the free use of office space, thereby allowing all funds to be focused on giving initiatives.

Q:  How does the House of Ruach generate revenue?
A:   Fee for service.  
Since 2009, its Executive Director has not received one penny in personal income or salary, preferring that all services provided, e.g., expert witness assignments, counseling sessions (via previous counseling initiatives), book royalties, etc., to be paid directly to the House of Ruach.

Global Headquarters in Costa Mesa, Ca.

(888) 990-5445

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